Major Project Revised Proposal + Influence Map: Medieval Depictions of Hell

After various discussions we have decided to change our project proposal somewhat. We will still be transcribing a scene from Date’s Inferno however our approach will be quite different. The scene will no longer be a platform consisting of only three characters as initially proposed. We want to create something that would reflect the expansiveness of Dante’s epic poem.  

In searching for artistic styles to emulate we discovered several captivating depictions of hell in medieval paintings. We now propose to create a scene that emulates one of these paintings being brought to life in 3D. The viewer will be guided around the scene as if entering the painting itself. There will be a narrator recounting the poem throughout the scene.  

We decided to do this because of the interesting stylistic rules that it would necessitate. For example these paintings were created before the rules of perspective were established. Representing this in 3D is a challenge that could yield some interesting results. The scene will most likely contain at least one fully modeled 3D character. It will contain some elements of 3D in the environment as well as multiple elements comprised of 2D planes.  

This Influence map shows some examples of medieval depictions of Hell. These paintings are varied in style but they also share some commonalities. For example (as previously mentioned) there are no rules of perspective.  This means that more important elements of the paintings are simply drawn larger. It is also noticeable that demons are commonly portrayed as blue rather than the traditional red. 

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