Soundtrack Examples 4

This is a shortened version of the last track. We asked George to add shrieking sounds that would help us to break up shots in the animation. However the sounds that he used are a bit too reminiscent of the psycho theme. This is probably because we gave him examples that were too literal. We are happy with the length of the track and think that the removal of the violin sounds from the final part will allow him to go into production. Our idea has changed slightly witch means that the hard cutting sounds are not needed.

1 comment:

  1. good - sounds to as if your vision/intentions for this piece have really come into focus during this creative exercise with your composer; yes, too Psycho, but I like all the drums and the intensity of the closing moments. Exciting! I look forward to an animatic - which I suggest you produce quickly and instinctively and expressionistically so we're talking about this as filmic experience from the earliest point possible.